AI Time Machine


Artificial Intelligence to create hyper-realistic AI avatars of a person as he or she may have looked in different points in history.

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Added on April 25, 2023

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Step into the past and explore the realms of imagination with MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine™, a revolutionary feature that employs Artificial Intelligence to craft hyper-realistic AI avatars, providing a captivating glimpse of how a person might have appeared in different points throughout history. This groundbreaking technology takes real photos uploaded by the user and, through advanced text-to-image techniques, generates detailed models showcasing the subject in various poses and lighting conditions.

The magic unfolds as AI Time Machine™ seamlessly integrates the subject’s model with predefined themes, creating photorealistic AI avatars that transcend time and space. Users can upload a series of 10-25 photos, each capturing different poses and backgrounds. By selecting their gender and title, users can unlock a personalized journey through history as their AI avatars come to life in diverse themes from prehistoric eras to the age of space exploration.

MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine™ marries cutting-edge technology with creativity, allowing users to explore and celebrate their heritage in a visually stunning way. The synthesis of text-to-image technology and predefined themes ensures that each AI avatar is a unique representation, offering a captivating visual experience that transcends traditional photo editing.

Whether you’re curious about your ancestors or simply fascinated by the prospect of witnessing your likeness in historical settings, AI Time Machine™ opens a portal to a world where the past and present converge. Unleash your imagination, upload your photos, and let MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine™ transport you through the ages with astonishingly lifelike AI avatars.


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